Dumfries education hub opening put on hold

​Dumfries education hub opening put on hold

Dumfries education hub opening put on hold

​The opening of an £11m "learning hub" has been delayed after the closure of a nearby new school on safety grounds.

​The Bridge in Dumfries was scheduled to open this month but it has now been confirmed it will be put on hold.

​Dumfries and Galloway Council said it was undergoing a "quality assurance review" similar to that being carried out on the North West Community Campus.

​That facility was shut last month on safety grounds just a few weeks after it was opened and it remains closed.

​The Bridge is part of the wider learning town initiative in Dumfries aimed at overhauling education in the area.

'Ready to occupy'

​It is designed to offer specialist higher academic and vocational studies.

​Last month contractors Graham - who are behind both projects - told the BBC Scotland news website The Bridge remained on schedule to open in October.

​However, the council has now said it would be put on hold with no timetable set for its opening until checks had taken place.

​"This will delay the opening of the building until we are satisfied that the building is ready to occupy," a spokesman said.

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