Relaunch for ‘older teachers’ replacement scheme

​Relaunch for ‘older teachers’ replacement scheme

Relaunch for 'older teachers' replacement scheme

​A controversial Department of Education (DE) scheme to replace older teachers with more recently-qualified ones has been relaunched.

​The Investing in the Teaching Workforce scheme aims to allow up to 200 teachers over the age of 55 to retire early in 2018/19.

​They will be replaced by teachers who have graduated during or since 2013.

​DE said that it had received £8.8m from the public sector transformation fund to pay for the scheme.

​The Investing in the Teaching Workforce scheme was originally announced in 2015 but was delayed by disagreements over the criteria and a legal challenge.

​That legal challenge was dismissed in May 2017 and a pilot scheme went ahead in November 2017.

​However, only 31 posts were created as a result of that pilot, significantly fewer than the 500 jobs envisaged when the scheme was originally announced in 2015.

​DE has now said that it anticipates up to 200 teachers aged 55 and over will be released by the end of March 2019.

​They are expected to inform their school's board of governors in the first instance if they wish to retire under the scheme.

​Before they are allowed to go, they must be replaced in post by a teacher who qualified during or since 2013 and does not have a permanent job.

​DE said that teachers who had qualified "in the years 2013 up to and including 2017 have experienced the greatest difficulty in securing meaningful employment."

​Jobs created under the scheme are likely to be advertised later in 2018.

​However, as 2018/19 is scheduled to be the final year of the public sector transformation fund, it is unclear if the scheme will operate again in 2019/20

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